Bright Turquoise- holy, sacred, protective, healing- has an ancient history as a revered gemstone, long beloved by indigenous cultures, royalty and hippie glam alike. A classic adornment on boho fingers and wrists the world over, Turquoise's history as sacred jewelry stretches back through the mists of time as one of the first stones to be used for human jewelry. Native Americans revere Turquoise as a representation of Earth Consciousness, bringing heaven and earth: Blue Turquoise= Father Sky, Green Turquoise= Mother Earth. Wear this stone to strengthen your commitment to walking lightly on our planet, and to living in awareness and reverence of nature and its cycles. A stone of folklore wisdom and natural magic, Turquoise magnifies the connection to our own indigenous histories. Worn as protective talisman by everyone from the Aztecs and Ancient Egyptians, to modern Tibetans and Native Americans, Turquoise forms a protective amour around you, shielding and strengthening as you walk bravely through truth and integrity. 

Born: USA, China, Tibet, Iran