Hello everyone! 

I hope this post finds you well. 

Back in early June I made a last-minute decision to go to Las Vegas for a trade show relating to the jewelry industry. Luckily for us Monterey residents, there are direct Las Vegas/Monterey flights on Friday's and Sunday's. The trade show was on a weekend and lied perfectly between those days, so the timing worked out great. 

Prior to my departure, I researched a lot of places to stay in Las Vegas, there were so many and most of them were reasonably priced. A lot of them were really NOT my style- they had super weird neon art in the rooms. Even though Vegas is an over-the-top place, I wanted to find something that was at least a little bit relaxing. Then I came across this cute hotel called the Park MGM. It is still in the process of being re-done, and had more of a boutique feel. It was previously the Monte Carlo.

As I checked in, I was pleased with my room. There was a view of the strip, and lots of fun art on the walls. The hotel was also relatively near the Mandalay Convention Center, which is where the trade show would take place. The pool had really cute colors, light pink and green. I was also so happy that the Cafe in the lobby had fresh-squeezed veggie juice :)  A nice little detail for sure. I was at the right place. 

So my first full day was fully consumed by this massive trade show. I combed every aisle to make sure I was not missing anything that would be beneficial to my business. This was the largest trade show and space I think I've ever been to. The Mandalay Convention Center is 1,000,000 square feet. I got lost a couple of times just walking around, lol. This particular trade show is all about the jewelry industry- it had Wholesale designers (like me); manufactures, photography equipment, packaging, raw gemstones and beads; jewelry-making equipment, insurance, etc. The first day I just wanted to see what there was. The next day I went back to get the items that I needed. I established a lot of connections that will help the future of my business. 

So what did I do for fun? This was mostly a business trip. I did manage to book a massage at Spa Aria, the last full day I was there. I did a little research and this spa seemed to have to chill vibe that I like in a spa environment. It was also walking distance from the Park MGM. 

So I spent my Sunday afternoon chilling out at the Spa Aria :) Their amenities included a Japanese stone room. a salt room. relaxation area, pool outside, and plunging pools inside. My massage was great, too. It was the highlight of my trip. 

So I am back home now. I am happy that I went! I gained so much for my business, even tho it was last minute. 

I am excited to try to go next year. The next time I will know what to expect :) 

Thanks for reading! <3